Sicklerville, N.J., couple keep marriage together Seinfeld-style for 53-plus years

Listen to Shirley and Bob Incollingo on their marriage

Shirley and Bob Incollingo met in the summer of 1955 while they were both working for General Motors Acceptance Corporation.

She was 18, the youngest of five children born to a Catholic family of Irish-English descent. He was 22, the middle of five Italian-American children, also Catholic.

They started dating soon after and got married in February 1957 at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Camden, N.J. They raised five children, including Jim Incollingo, a friend of mine married to my former colleague, Beth Fand Incollingo, and have 15 grandchildren.

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They live in Sicklerville, N.J., with their 12-year-old dog, Beau, and many joyful memories. They like to joke around with each other, rarely missing an opportunity at good-natured ribbing.

During our interview, each of them shed some tears and chuckles as they looked back on their marriage, which will mark its 54th anniversary on Feb. 9, 2011.

Bob Incollingo, who received his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and retired from the finance industry 12 years ago, worked for numerous firms, including ITT Financial as a vice president.

Shirley Incollingo was a stay-at-home mom and grandmother much of her life.

Their children tell them that the way they shout at each other from time to time and make up with laughter reminds them of George Costanza’s parents on “Seinfeld.”

Their relationship hasn’t been perfect, but laughter and doting on one another have kept them together through the good times and the more difficult moments, they said.

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7 Responses to Sicklerville, N.J., couple keep marriage together Seinfeld-style for 53-plus years

  1. Mary LeCure says:

    Remember our days in Warminster PA? We shared so many good times. We now live in Macungie PA Just outside of Allentown. Pam and her family are nearby and Kurt and his family live in Huntingdon Valley. I have thought of you so often. Dub is not in good health, but is still active. I ‘m still golfing and playing bridge. The picture looks like the two of you are doing very WELL.
    I wonder if Mark remembers Old Mary box cake.
    I’m so happy that I happened onto this link to reunite with the memories.
    Your PA friends Dub and Mary LeCure Email Maryclemlecure@aol com
    610 965 0550
    Wonderful to be in touch, after so many years.

  2. Debbie Flamini says:

    Just came across this. I worked for Bob years ago at ITT. He was like a father to me. What a great guy! I guess I learned a few things from him! I’ve been happily married for almost 40 years myself! If you read this, Bob, I do think of you and remember you with great affection. Would you believe I’m now a grandmother? Debbie

  3. Mark says:

    Beau is the meanest dog in all of New Jersey. I’m surprised he didn’t bite you when you interviewed this seemingly normal couple. If they weren’t my parents I would’ve called Animal Control Authorities to the house years ago.

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  5. I really enjoyed reading this post. It was so sweet. The one thing I would add is more photos, the captions were good but I, as a reader, want to see more pictures into their lives.

  6. Robert Stern says:

    Hi Rosalie,

    Thanks for your comments. They are awesome. And yes, your computer knowledge is impressive enough. I am glad to have gotten to meet the Incollingos. They were fun to interview. By any chance, would you and your husband be interested in participating in this project as well? If so, drop me an e-mail at

  7. Rosalie/Tom Santarlas says:

    We (Tom/Rosalie Santarlas) have known this beautiful (Bob /ShirleyIncollingo) couple for over 51 years. It is easy to say we love them and their children and extended family. They are our very near and dear friends. I wrote a long comment last night and then POOF it was gone before I knew how to send it. Does my computer knowledge impress you?? Bob will relate to that, as he is the computer correspondent. Tom should have told me how to send this last night. (put the blame on him). Anyway, back to the Incollingos. Shirley always makes us laugh with her animated “stories”. We got together many times thru the years, and she ALWAYS managed to get our “group” to play Charades. She is a wonderful cook, dedicated wife and mother, and fun to be around. Bob is the perfect match for her. He is smart, calm and a man of integrity, who got to be vice president of a large corp. thru his hard work, which he earned by starting at the bottom of the ladder. He was respected by his co-workers and bosses
    They love each other and compliment each other. They share a closeness with their children that is inspiring to all who know them. We are friends who share a lot of the same qualities they have. “Birds of a feather ,etc.” God Bless and keep them together many more years. We love them.

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