An interactive timeline look at the longevity of marriage

Go ahead, give it a whirl!

I’ve put together a little interactive timeline feature that offers some revealing trends and statistics about marriages in the United States and just how many of them reach various milestone anniversaries intact.

When you get to the timeline, which I called “Marriages: How many are made to last?” you can click on any of the timeline entries for statistics related to that specific period.

You can also scroll down the timeline page and see the encapsulated details listed in sequence or choose the “List” view option from the top left of the timeline.

Alternately, you can view each entry like a slideshow by selecting the “Flipbook” option at the top left of the timeline. Scroll over the title of each slide in the Flipbook view to read the details for that time period.

The timeline, which is on offers a look at what share of first marriages reached select major anniversaries, as of 2004.

Generally speaking, the more recent the marriage, the less likely it is to reach milestone anniversaries. Not surprisingly, the higher the anniversary, the lower the share of marriages forged long ago enough to make it to that anniversary actually do so.

The data, which is broken down by gender into five-year periods starting with 1955-1959, is from the U.S. Census Bureau and includes anniversaries reached in 2004 or earlier. The Bureau’s statistics only include data up to the 40th anniversary for the earliest marriages in the survey — those that started in the 1950s.

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