A not-so-final word: Taking the project beyond the classroom

The semester at Rowan University is wrapping up, as is my Online Journalism I course for which I created this blog.

However, I have enjoyed the project so much and found it to be different enough — in terms of the topic of profiling couples who have been married for many decades — from anything else online that I plan to continue it as an independent project.

So if anybody knows of an interesting couple who would be willing to participate, feel free to drop me an e-mail at sternrobert@mac.com or leave a message on the blog.

Thank you for reading, listening and watching the posts on here as I experimented with various media forms and online tools.

I am especially grateful to all the couples who have shared their stories so generously.

In closing, here are my favorite posts on this blog from this fall:

1)  No secret to their success, except marathons and dancing

2)  Keeping marriage together Seinfeld-style

3)  A little chalk and a lot of chemistry

4)  Sweet 61 (My first blog entry with video)

5)  What do you value in relationships? (My first instant poll) Although the poll itself hardly got any participants, much to my chagrin, I was glad to try engaging visitors through a poll and to learn how simple it is to create an interactive poll.

And maybe reposting the poll will get some of you to spend 30 seconds to answer it.

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